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Small Business IT Support

Providing solution-based business IT support and network consulting for small businesses and mid-sized businesses in the Twin Cities and Minneapolis/St. Paul areas. The IT infrastructure can include (but is not limited to) servers, workstations, firewalls, and backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Through our specialized IT support processes, we design solid business practices through strategic planning and implementation, freeing you up to focus on what you do best – running your business. Through this process, our main goal is to lower your overall IT support costs and increase the overall security and health of your small business IT network infrastructure.

Remote IT Services

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Their technicians came out promptly, fixed the critical problems and created enough space in our server environment to alleviate purchasing another server. Their continued support and education has saved us a great deal of time and money.

Becky Hatling
Dash Delivery Services
a Minnesota Corporation

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Below are vital IT questions

that small businesses in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area should consider when choosing an IT support company — or when evaluating whether a change should be made in current IT protocols.

Is your current IT support company returning your phone calls in a timely manner?
Good customer service requires a fast response time, especially when your small business network might be down or compromised.

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Are your backups being taken off-site to protect against theft, fire, or natural disaster?
Protecting your backup data is crucial in the event that something unexpected should happen.

Are you familiar with where your software licenses are located and do you have access to them?
We believe that you should be in control of your software, and not a third party.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan should your server go down?
Axiom IT Services believes in maintaining solid documentation and in having a valid backup to restore your data within a reasonable time.

Is your firewall working sufficiently and is it protecting your sensitive data from hackers and viruses?
Too often IT management companies reassure businesses that they have a quality firewall, when in reality they don’t, leaving them vulnerable and unprotected.

Does your current small business IT support professional provide you with confidence in their skills and do they communicate with your company in a professional and timely manner?

If not, contact us for a free consultation to discuss how Axiom IT Services can partner with you in securing your business network.